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"Thirty Years of incomparable and exceptional cooperation, that actually makes you a family with a valuable partner of top standards ethics and professionalism, a companion with whom you can only count successes".

Gina Dede
Advertising & Communication Internal
Coordinator Kosmocar S.A.
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Our Works

"Producta Direct is an agency with high standards of professionalism. Very flexible, providing direct and immediate in Communication and Consulting ervices with high efficiency in matters of Marketing and Advertising."

Leon Karatsalos
Co-owner of Gaia Wines
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Our Works

"A Valuable Partner who stands out for his ethos and innovation. He anticipates the needs of the consumers and converts the Brand’s strategy into effective tactical actions! "

Sevasti Katsampouri
Customer Marketing Manager - Essity
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Producta entered the Communication field in 1971, founded by Nikos Nikopoulos and evoluted some years later to Producta Direct headed by George Nikopoulos. In this long course, the Company went through all the phases of Greek advertising, employing leading professionals and handling the products and services of the leading advertisers in the Greek market. Today, having a huge experience combined with adaptability and renewal reflexes, it opens ways where there is none when necessary, serving in the best way its philosophy, which is summarized in the 3ptych “better-faster-cheaper” and is reflected in our principles:


Carefully reading what is “written” behind the customer’s requests, we stand next to him, maintaining at the same time the ideal distance to be able to focus on the consumer’s insights because he needs to be captivated in order to identify with the product. This is the secret of long-term partnerships with our customers that time does not wear out.


Before the needs of the customers are expressed, we have percieved and decoded the times’ requirements. That is why we are always one step ahead of their demands and in full readiness to meet them. With speed, we overcome obstacles and are able to deliver even in narrow time margins.


Strategy, inspiration, creativity, endurance. The ingredients of our every successful effort that are reflected in the numbers, so that our customers are satisfied, enjoying the best possible result at the lowest possible cost!


The areas in which we operate are an open list of communication services that is constantly changing. Current conditions require constant vigilance and adaptation to ever-changing communication requirements.


Our work samples are our customers and their needs. But above all, are the solutions we provide. We use our strategic thinking and imagination, our  boldness and flexibility, with dedication and empathy.



Having gained experience and knowledge from a wide range of collaborations, in our 30-year course, we can respond effectively to every communication need from every sector of the market.


  • +30 210 689 3330
  • Amarousiou - Halandriou 100
  • 151 25 Marousi