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Η Ομάδα


Thanasis Lagos


After completing my studies in History & Archeology, I made an unexpected leap as a Hare might do - (my surname “Lagos” means Hare, in English)- out of Archeological excavations and into the forest of Advertising… into a world, where the roll of the written word is… the "carrot". And perhaps because of my “Hare” DNA I do love carrots just as much as I love stories, as Copywriter. During my career I have worked on most of the major advertising accounts that exist, collaborating with important people and companies within the Greek advertising sphere. Also, due to the fact that from the start of my career, I was “chased” by a Bank (in a good sense!), I have worked as an external collaborator for two systemic banks on digital communication related projects. I am a believer in the power of art for “a picture is worth a thousand words", but I also believe in the magic tricks of storytelling, for "a thousand words can create millions of images, or simply… millions".