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Η Ομάδα


Niki Vasiliadi

Client Service Director

Every time there was commercial break on the TV my eyes automatically glued to the screen and after 25 years in advertising, the "vice" is still the same. I met Advertising accidentally while studying at University and now for many years I have held in the position of the Traffic Manager, dealing with the flow of creative projects by handling deadlines, quotes, the time consumed by both the creative team, the client service personnel and the accounting department. All of these form a circle of which I am constantly in the center. Though I don’t wear white gloves or carry a whistle, I do need to be armed with enough patience and much humor, to uphold the balance of the agency and to strive for the best possible results. In times of extreme pressure from all sides, whether it be to create print ads, TV or radio commercials, prommotional material, or digital banners, my experience has taught me the efficiency of the moto "smile! it is contagious".