Communication ahead of developments

Consistent with the principles of empathy, flexibility and dedication and applying the threefold "better-faster-cheaper", Producta Advertising was formed in 1971 and since 1992, Producta Direct continues to discover new communication paths.


The areas in which we operate are an open list of communication services that is constantly changing. Current conditions require constant vigilance and adaptation to ever-changing communication requirements.


Our work samples are our customers and their needs. But above all, are the solutions we provide. We use our strategic thinking and imagination, our boldness and flexibility, with dedication and empathy

Our Assets

The most experienced executives in communication daily transforms the company’s philosophy: Productivity through Creativity.

'A Valuable Partner who stands out for his ethos and innovation. They anticipate the needs of the consumers and converts the Brand’s strategy into effective tactical actions! "

Sevasti Katsampouri

Customer Marketing Manager ESSITY S.A.

"Producta Direct is an agency with high standards of professionalism. Very flexible, providing direct and immediate in Communication and Consulting ervices with high efficiency in matters of Marketing and Advertising."

Leon Karatsalos


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